News and Notes


    October 1 – 8


              October 5 – Youth Representatives Meeting – This Sunday afternoon, Oct. 5, our Youth Representatives will have a meeting at 5 p.m. in the Youth Assembly Room.

    Congratulations to those who have been recently nominated by their classmates to serve as representatives:


    Shelby Palmer                                    Nolen Williams

    Connor Glasscock                  Ellie Cunningham

    Samantha Summers                Garrett Hall

    Elliot Moore                           Ruby Morris

    Addison Walden                     John Clayton Boyd

    Jackson Duncan


    Also, we want to recognize those who will be returning to serve the second year of their term:


    Isabel Harris                           Paige Higgins

    Donovan Brackett                   Chase Apple

    Shannon Beaty                        Max O’Kelley

    Curt Ingram                            Rebekah McRady

    Kathryn Thomas                     Carter Thweatt

    Shane Spicer


    October 5 – 9th-12th Devotional – All our 9th-12th graders are invited to the devotional this Sunday night, Oct. 5. It will be at the church building and will be hosted by Phillip & Mellie Brackett. We will have a meal in the Activity Center, then go to the Youth Room for the devotional. The speaker will be Bubba Ingram. Girls need to bring desserts and the boys need to bring tortilla chips & drinks.


    October 19 – College Care Packages – Our youth group will send care packages to all our Crieve Hall college students on Oct. 19. We need help with compiling the college addresses of our students. Please add your college students’ addresses to the list at the Youth Corner.


    Church League Basketball:

    Soon we will turn in our rosters for the 2014-15 season of church league basketball. If you plan to participate please sign up at the Youth Corner. There are two divisions: Senior (9th-12th grades) and Junior (6th-8th grades).