Nashville School of Preaching

    Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies
    4806 Trousdale Drive
    Nashville, TN 37220
    Telephone: 615-833-9976
    E-Mail Address:

    Since the Crieve Hall congregation eldership took the oversight of this former night school in 1990, it has experienced remarkable growth both in enrollment and in new facilities on the church property.

    Tom Holland, Director
    Tom Holland, Director

    An expansion project was completed in 1998 which resulted in two additional classrooms, a reception area, a work area, office and storage space. Renovation created a library, with 42 book cases, that offers the most significant Bible study opportunities in the area.

    The real strength, however, is the faculty, consisting of Crieve Hall members and full-time preachers in the brotherhood from as far away as Georgia, conducting classes three nights weekly, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

    Ed Slayton, Dean
    Ed Slayton, Dean

    The student body is a diverse group, ranging from full-time ministers to part-time ministers and bible teachers, to entire families who simply want to study more about the Bible and Christ’s teachings. The name of the school was changed, adding “Biblical Studies”, to reflect the participation of women in the curriculum.

    See the link at the left for the most current course offerings.

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