Visitation Program

The primary purpose of the Visitation program is to encourage visitors, missionaries, and shut-ins with either visits, e-mails, or cards. It is also an avenue for fellowship with other members by sharing a meal together. This will be done with one meeting/dinner per month and one visit/e-mail/card per month. Each cycle will run for 8 months and is for all Crieve Hall members. Check the bulletin or announcements for information regarding the sign-up for the next cycle. If you have any questions, contact the church office, and someone will put you in touch with a member who can answer your questions.

  • New Cycles for the Visitation Program run every eight months.
  • This program is for all Crieve Hall members including children.
  • Re-organizational potluck dinner to begin each new cycle will be after 2nd service in the Activity Center.
  • Sign-up cards for the new cycle are on the information desk. Put completed cards in the Visitation Box located to the left of the library.
  • NEW OPTION – You may sign up to receive an assignment each month without being placed on a team which meets monthly to eat together.