News and Notes

 February 13 – February 20


February 15-16 – Lock Out

Lock Out is coming February 15-16. Cost is $25. This is going to be a long, beautiful, exhaustingly wonderful night. Please make sure your child and any friends they bring have a Crieve Hall and Let It Shine waiver filled out. These can be picked up at the Youth Corner.


February 22-24 – Challenge Youth Conference

On Feb 22-24, we will be taking a group of juniors and seniors to CYC in Pigeon Forge, TN. Cost is $50. You will need money for 4 meals.


Parenting Teenagers Class

Parents! A great class opportunity is coming soon. Starting the first Wednesday in March, Tim Frizzell and Bubba Ingram will be teaching a class on parenting teenagers. See the following description for more information.

It seems like just yesterday you were bringing your baby home from the hospital.  Now that baby is a teenager.  How do we maintain a strong relationship that will grow through the teen years and beyond?  How do we move our teenager toward being a responsible adult?  How do we point out Satan’s traps and set his/her heart on following Christ?  How do we open our teen’s eyes to God’s wonderful plan for his/her life?  Let’s discuss these and many other topics related to parenting teenagers in a class that will be offered on Wednesday nights, March-May.  The teachers will be Tim Frizzell and Bubba Ingram.