Recovery through Christ

This is a message for everyone. We all have issues that control our lives. Some of the issues are good and some are bad.

There are six stages in everyone’s life.

1.  Pre-contemplation:  “there is nothing wrong with me – I’m OK as I am”

2.  Contemplation: “there are things wrong in my life, maybe I need help”

3.  Investigation: “I’m going to seek help – God’s word might be the best way”

4.  Action:  Following the Bible is the only true source of the help one needs

5.  Maintenance:  Living the life Christ died for

6.  Relapse: Allowing old habits and Satan to get the best of us and we start over

Recovery through Christ is a program based on Bible teachings that is the Action part of the stages mentioned above. Meeting every week for nine months we have the opportunity to deeply study what God has said in His words and those of Christ that help us recover from life controlling issues that are wrong and substitute those that are wonderful and good- pleasing to God.

Meetings are safe places to discuss problems. Men and woman meet in small groups separately after a joint devotional. Call the office for the start date of the next session, which meets on Mondays at 7 pm in room 414.  This is upstairs in the new portion of the building.  Look for signs near the south side of the building.  The entrance will be between the chapel and the activity center entrances. You will be warmly welcomed.

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