Worship services will be Sunday at 8:15a, 10:30a, 5:00p and Wednesday at 7:00p. Click here to watch.

Bible classes will be Sunday at 9:30a and Wednesday at 5:15p and 7:10p. Click here to find a class.

Crieve Hall is sponsoring a radio broadcast of a worship service on WAKM 950 AM each Sunday at 8:30 AM.

Video lessons

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Newer videos are shown individually.  Videos in a series (VBS, Wellness, Teacher Training, Summer Series) are shown with a link to all videos in that series.



Chalk Talk with Marlin Connelly

These short illustrated talks are given on the last Sunday of most months by Marlin Connelly.

Click on the link above to see all videos for Chalk Talk.


Restoration Movement Lectures by Dr. Adron Doran from 1996

These lectures were given at Crieve Hall and the Nashville School of Preaching in September 1996, by Dr. Adron Doran.  The book, Restoring New Testament Christianity, was transcribed from these lectures.


2013 Missions Emphasis

The 2013 Missions Emphasis Week was held on Sept 28-29 and Oct. 2.  Speakers included: Rachel Baggott, Greg Coblentz, Matt Cook, Stacy Ferguson, Joe Gray, Richard Harp, Bill McDonough, Marie-Claire McDonough, Tim Shoulders, Philip Slate, Nadeem Sabir, Dietlinde Spears, Don Taylor and Ken Wilkey. Click on the link above to see all videos.


2013 Summer Series

Speakers for the Wednesday summer series for 2013 were Joey Spann, Chris Miller, Amanzo Jones, Billy Smith, Sean O’Brien, David Baker, James Watkins, Jerry Elder and Andy Connelly.  Click on the link above to see all videos.


2013 VBS

Joey Spann was the teacher for the adult class during our 2013 VBS.  His lessons were on Genesis.  Click on the link above to see all videos.


Men’s Teacher Training with Tom Tignor, May 4, 2013

Tom Tignor taught a men’s teacher training session on May 4, 2013.  His topics included the following.  Teachers: Making a Difference.  Students: Appreciating the Difference.  Curriculum: Knowing the Difference.  Click on the link above to see all videos.


2013 Wellness Classes

Lynn Henderson hosted four classes on wellness. These classes were open to the community and designed to help us recognize good and bad eating decisions so we can have healthier habits.  Click on the link above to see all videos.

Crieve Hall 2012 Summer Series


2012 Missions Emphasis Week

Crieve Hall hosted a Missions Emphasis Week on Sept. 30, Oct., 3 and Oct. 7, 2012. Speakers included Loy Mitchell, Gordon Hogan, Bill and Lola Margaret Hall, Stan Mitchell, Debra Mitchell, Ken Forrest, Michael Bowen, David Tarbet, John reese, Glen Henton, Sharon Short, Phil Waggoner, Brian Davis, Tammie Dye, Earl Edwards, Mark Blackwelder, Tom Langley, Randy English, Jason and Rachel Baker, Philip Boyd and Barry Baggott.  Click here or on the title above to go to the Vimeo page with all missions videos.  Or start viewing by selecting the video below with our first speaker, Loy Mitchell.  Click on the link above to see all videos.