Crieve Hall is blessed to have several ministers and song leaders on staff to serve our congregation.  Pictured above are the following.
    Top row, Albert Thweatt, Toby Sharpe, Michael Thornton*, Jeff Scott**, Wavell Stewart and Bill Watkins.
    Bottom row, Ross Garrison*, Tim Frizzell, Mike Baker and Jacobo Chalco.

    Not pictured above but serving as song leaders with Toby Sharpe are Aaron Palmer and Allen Bradley.

    *No longer at Crieve Hall.  **At Crieve Hall but no longer serving as a song leader.

    Mike Baker, Involvement and Outreach Minister

    Jacobo Chalco, Hispanic Minister

    Tim Frizzell, Youth & Family Minister

    Wavell Stewart, Seniors Minister

    Albert Thweatt, Assistant Youth Minister

    Bill Watkins, Pulpit Minister

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