Who We Are

The Crieve Hall congregation dates back to 1955 when plans were made to begin a new work.  On November 6 of that year, 15 people gathered in the basement of the Bob Kerce home at 5012 Montclair and heard Charles Moore deliver a gospel message.  In May of 1956 the congregation began meeting at 530 Elaine Drive.  The current property was purchased on February 2, 1958 and a new building was completed in July of 1962.  That auditorium would seat 460 with 18 classrooms and office and nursery.

A kindergarten was begun in the fall of 1963 and continues to operate to this day.  Several major renovations have taken place on the property including the following:

  • 1967:  30 new classrooms were added in a two story addition and enlarged auditorium.
  • 1971:  Multi-purpose building completed.
  • 1976:  Duplex constructed.
  • January 11, 1981:  The first service is held in the new auditorium.  Tom Holland preached that morning to 1,601 and Paul Tucker preached that evening to 935.
  • 1990:  New education wing added to accommodate 650 students in 7 classrooms.
  • 1993:  2,000 square foot addition to our nursery facility.
  • 1997:  3,000 square foot addition for the Nashville School of Preaching.
  • 2001:  3,000 square foot addition for our office and administrative area.
  • 2009:  Major addition of classrooms and fellowship area.

Over the years Crieve Hall has grown spiritually and numerically and has become known throughout the brotherhood for its good works and devotion to God’s word.  We have been blessed and in turn have shared our financial blessings with missionaries throughout the world.  Presently we support over 30 mission points foreign and domestic.

Regular preachers over the years have included Charles Moore, H. M. Phillips, W. Aaron Thomason, Paul M. Tucker, Tom Holland, Dan Winkler and presently Bill Watkins.