Ministry Staff

Crieve Hall is blessed to have several ministers and song leaders on staff to serve our congregation.


  • Benjamin & Patty Colunga

    Benjamin & Patty Colunga

    Hispanic Minister

  • Andy & Janna Connelly

    Andy & Janna Connelly

    Discipleship Minister

  • Tim & Janie Frizzell

    Tim & Janie Frizzell

    Family Minister

  • Isaac & Amelia May

    Isaac & Amelia May

    Youth Minister

  • Mackenzie & Mark McMahan

    Mackenzie & Mark McMahan

    Children's Ministry Coordinator

  • Bill & Beverly Watkins

    Bill & Beverly Watkins

    Pulpit Minister

  • Eddie & Felicia Wood

    Eddie & Felicia Wood

    Seniors Minister

Office & Staff

  • Darryl Suddath

    Darryl Suddath

    Office Manager

  • Kaycee Jenkins

    Media Outreach Coordinator

  • Cynthia Feenstra

    Cynthia Feenstra

    Office Assistant

  • Barry Gibson

    Barry Gibson

    Finance Administration

  • Curtis Winkowski

    Curtis Winkowski

    Facility Manager

  • Carlos Smith

    Carlos Smith

    Facility Management