Crieve Hall has been blessed with wonderful deacons over the years. There are currently 63 deacons serving.

Name Area(s) of Work
Hunter Alsup Youth Committee, Young Families, Greeters, Teaching
Mark Bates HiStep/Teacher Mentor Program
Justin Battles Security, Outreach
Darren Bennett Education Committee (Nursery-5th)
Jim Bivens AV
Tracy Blair Muslim Outreach
Sam Bohannon Inner City Ministry
Joel Boone Hispanic ministry, Missions
Doug Bradley
Scott Burner Transportation to Worship
Ralph Butler Interpreter, Education Committee (Library)
Andrew Dodd Security
Darrell Duncan Finance Committee, Teaching
Jim Farris Benevolence, Missions
Donavon Feenstra Benevolence, Hospital Communion
Dennis Green Monthly Deacons Communication
Jake Guthrie Outreach Committee, Youth Committee, Teaching
Lowell Hagewood Benevolence
Gary Hall Spanish English Classes, Thanksgiving Meals
John Hammond Hospital Communion, Absentees, Help w/ Lindsley Ave. Bible Class
Cary Hayes Men’s Outreach, Outreach Committee, LEAD, VBS, Teaching
Chuck Higgins Communion, Hearts on Fire
Buford Hoskins Security, Benevolence
Paul Hounshell FaithWorks, Bible Bowl, Teaching
John Hudy Visitation Program, Teaching 12th Grade
Robert Hutcheson Building and Grounds
Bubba Ingram YAC Committee, Building Committee, Deacon Support Committee, Teaching, Marriage Mentoring, Lipscomb/Malawi
Bob Jackson Thanksgiving Outreach
Ron King Bus Maintenance Kevin Krantz Supervisor – Sunday School (6th-12th), Grief Support Ministry Joe Legate Count Money 1st Service, Hospital Visits, Usher Alan Lincoln Benevolence Ellis Manchester Prison Ministry, Teaching Josh Mason YAC, Education Committee Jeremy McNutt Security Timothy McNutt, Jr. Education Committee (7th-12th) Bill Merry Missions Ron Morrell Visitor Reporting, Sunday Visitor Cards, French Literature Larry Morrow Missions Mitchell Parham Education Committee (Director) Tommy Primm Finance Committee, Youth Committee, Teaching, Coordinate Elmcroft Services Lester Ralston AV, Education Committee (Sunday School) Kelly Redd Technology Armondo Sanchez, Sr. Teaching – Sunday Morning Jerry Schwieger Bible Correspondence, Tracts, Lost & Found, Bus Driver for Higher Ground Jeff Scott Worship, Big Singing Toby Sharpe Worship Nick Shong Outreach Committee, Security Don Spicer AV Steve Tant Building and Grounds Tim Taylor Nursery Albert Thweatt HiStep Robert Underwood Benevolence (semi Retired) Ray Walden Youth Committee, Hospital Communion, Teaching Gabe Watson Ken Wilson Room In The Inn Lynn Wilson Finance Committee, Communion to Shut-ins Steve Wilson Special Events, Benevolence Jacob Winkler Teaching, Preaching, LEAD, Worship, Youth Committee Eddie Wood Ushers, Collections & Deposits Gene Wright Missions, Teaching