YAC – Young Adult College

Crieve Hall has a growing program for college-aged and young professionals. The College/University group isn’t just for college students, but also for those in that age group who don’t attend college, but wish to study God’s word and socialize with Christians.

We provide a program that will allow the college students to develop friends, skills, talents, and faith that will last them for a lifetime of service to the Lord. Nashville has several colleges and universities within its limits and Crieve Hall is convenient to many of them.

The Young Professionals are a group of young adults, usually working and finished with their education, who are trying to grow closer to God and each other.

Each group has individual classes geared to their stage in life, but occasionally team up on social and service activities. On the third Wednesday night of the month at 6, they meet together for Free Food Wednesday. However, food is free only for the college age and $2 for the 20 Somethings. We also enjoy a Stairwell Singing after the Wednesday evening classes on Free Food Wednesdays.

Come on by and visit! We think you’ll enjoy the fellowship and love and want to be a part of this vital young group.

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