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We can’t wait to welcome you to Crieve Hall church of Christ! Whether you are new to the area, or seeking a new church home, we extend a warm invitation to you! If you’re planning to visit us for the first time, please let us know by filling out the form below. This will help us prepare for your arrival and ensure that your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


What To Expect When You Visit


What Happens When I Arrive?

You’ll be welcomed! Our leaders and members are eager to assist you by answering any questions and by guiding you to our welcome center, our auditorium, or to one of our classes. If you would like information in advance of your visit, we would be happy to communicate with you prior to your visit. Please call 615-832-9658 or email

What is a worship service like at Crieve Hall?

We participate in full congregational singing in “acapella” style, which means that we do not use mechanical instruments. We believe that congregational singing is meaningful, uplifting, and honoring to God. We invite everyone to participate in our congregational singing, as the blending of our voices in harmony is beautiful and joyous. Also included in our worship are prayers led by members of the congregation and a Bible-centered lesson with applications to life presented by one of our ministers.

What about communion (the Lord’s Supper)?

The Lord’s Supper is an important part of our worship time together on Sunday morning each week. During this time we are led in our thoughts by a prayer as we reflect upon the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We take the unleavened bread (symbolizing the body of Jesus) and grape juice (symbolizing the blood of Jesus). We do this together as one body as a memorial reflection and celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself for us.

What is expected of me?

We invite you to participate in worship with us. If your preference is to observe the way we worship, we respect your choice. Once our service is over, we also invite you to stay so that we might greet you, get to know you, and to answer any questions you may have about who we are and how we worship and serve God. If you would like to meet with our eldership or schedule a Bible study with one of us, we welcome those opportunities to share our love of Jesus with you.

Will I be asked for money?

Following the Lord’s Supper, we honor God by offering an opportunity to give a financial contribution from our blessings. As our guest, you are welcome to participate, but you will not be expected to make a financial contribution.

What should I wear?

The only “dress code” for our worship services is that all are encouraged to dress modestly to follow the Bible. Some of our members will dress up and some members will dress more casually. What is most important to us is that you are choosing to worship with us, for which we are especially grateful.

What about my kids?

We welcome every member of your family! During our worship time on Sunday mornings, we offer an attended nursery for infants and toddlers. We also provide activity sheets each Sunday morning for children to draw on and take notes during the sermon. We offer classes for ages 6 months through adults during our class times on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We also have very active children’s ministry and youth ministry programs for school aged children and youth. We would love for your children to be a part of our ministries.

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Children’s Ministry

Crieve Hall Children’s Ministry offers classes for 6-month-olds (Cradle Roll) thru 5th grade. These classes meet on Sunday mornings after worship service and on Wednesday evenings. The K-5th grade classes meet downstairs in a room we call the Lighthouse, while the Cradle Roll thru Pre-K meet upstairs in our Preschool Hallway. Bible lessons are designed to meet the learners at their appropriate age levels by presenting the lessons via skit or video. The children are then allowed to experience, create, and review the lessons through smaller group breakout sessions.

Visit our CHCM page on Facebook for more information.

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Youth Group

The 6th-12th grade years can be a defining time in an adolescent’s life. One of our goals as a congregation is to offer a community of support as they develop their individual values and beliefs and as they make life decisions. We want to encourage our teenagers to find their identity in Christ, while also engaging in acts of service to others and in fellowship with one another.

We actively teach them God’s word and how it applies to their everyday lives and decisions. Using scripture as a reference and guide, we assist them in navigating through life events, including those involving topics such as stress, anxiety, dating, honesty, purity, family and identity.

All of our students are welcomed and encouraged to attend the many events offered throughout the year, including but not limited to: camp, retreats, mission trips, devotionals, service projects, youth and family dinners, Tuesday nights Together, and many others. We offer a number of events and activities to accommodate varying interests among our teenagers, as well as to provide our teens a safe and encouraging place to belong.

Text @chyg to 81010 to get regular updates on our events and visit our CHYG page for more information including events, Bible classes and social media!

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